No items showing after adding them in ADD-ONs and inbox

Hi all , i have just complete my read setup that i am going to keep and i did what i did last time but this time when i have added my items and even put them in there groups they are not showing in Control, it doesnt matter what interface i use

The only Items the show up in PaperUI under Control that are linked to a Channel on a Thing.

BasicUI, if you didn’t create a .sitemap file, shows the same thing as the Control tab in PaperUI.

ok no issues i dont i did that before but ok how do i do that

Hi mate done all that

You are not providing enough information to help you.

You need to have Things.
Only Thing appear in the Inbox and only those Things that are automatically discovered.
Once you accept a Thing from the Inbox or create it in some other way then you need to create Items and link those Items to the Channels on the Things.
Once the Items are linked to the Channels, those Channels will appear under the Control tab of PaperUI.

For BasicUI you must write a .sitemap file to define what Items are displayed.