No legacy bindings with openhabian 2.3.0-1

Hi, I recently installed a new openhabian 2.3.0-1 on Raspi. It is a pure plain vanilla installation and I do not manage to see legacy or 1.x bindings in PaperUI. I already tried:

  • Access Remote Repository is on (online access verified)
  • Include Legacy 1.x Bindings activated
  • also in addons.cfg enabled those two feature
  • installed the openhab2-addons-legacy package
  • I can see the openhab-addons-legacy-2.3.0.kar file in the addons folder

still … no 1.x bindings in PaperUI …
I want to install the http-binding.

What’s wrong?

set package = expert in there also


Thanks @Dim, did reinstall from scratch. Expert mode was key for the solution!

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hello, i have the same problem, no 1.x bindings in PaperUI. What was your solution?
And where can i switch to expert mode?

@Jaka_Smode you can choose expert mode right at the first start after installation or change the setting in addons.cfg “set package = expert” and restart OH.

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