No logs at all on OH3


I just migrated from OH2.4 to a completely ground new installation of OH3 (openhabian stable release) on a new RaspPi4. I only moved the backup file from the old system to the new system and unpacked it. I had to do some manual tweaks in the backup file (replacing wrong .eclipse.smarthome. entries by .openhab.) and had to care about some DateTime functions in the rules. So far so good, works fine!

However, I tested the logging and found that there is nothing logged at all. Nothing is written to /var/log/openhab/openhab.log or events.log, although the files are present.

  • built logInfo(“test”,“Hello world?”) into a rule

  • set log level of org.openhab.core.model.script.test to INFO.

  • confirmed the rule is being processed which I tested with sendBroadcastmessage.

  • called log:get from the console: all entries are reasonable.

  • called log:tail … no output at all - neither the “Hello world?”, nor anything else.

  • checked the *.log files manually: no entry, empty files

  • deleted *.log files and restarted: openhab.log is recreated (but empty), events.log is missing.

  • log4j2.xml exists and seems to be untouched since the initial installation date

  • frontail itself works, because if I manually write some stuff into the log files, it will be displayed on the frontail window…but no real log messages.

  • log files’ owner is openhab:openhab and the user rights are -rw-rw-r–

Can anyone help me?
What did I fundamentally wrong?


You might follow along here

It seems to be a slightly different issue: At least openhab.log is filled with messages at your site. This was true for my installation only the first 2 days as well, then it stopped being updated.
events.log has been empty from the beginning at my installation as well.

Really openHABian stable branch ?
For OH3 you need to use either main or openHAB3 branch.
That possibly messed up the log directory name (/var/log/openhab2 vs /var/log/openhab).

You can try with the 4X options but safest is to export your config and reinstall openHABian then simply reimport.

No, sorry, I messed up when writing the post.
The system was set-up and still is on “openHAB3 - recommended standard…” branch.