No more values returned to items since RaspberryMatic 2.31.25


I am using openHAB 2.2 stable on a Mac and current RaspberryMatic 2.31.25
I had it running fine for about 4 months with openHAB 2.2 snapshot and a previous RaspberryMatic version. Since the update (I unfortunately updated them at the same time) the values of my items get current data when openHAB is started, but do not refresh afterwards, when being changed other than via openHAB (i.e. directly in Homematic).
The Homematic binding gets the new value:

22:39:30.559 [DEBUG] [communicator.AbstractHomematicGateway] - Received new (Double) value ‘0.7’ for ‘NEQ1801269:1#LEVEL_REAL’ from gateway with id ‘CCU2’

But the item does not change:

I just did a clean install of openHAB, but still same problem.

Btw. I recognized, that my RaspberryMatic was not discovered automaticly, but by manually adding its IP. It then initiate forever and needed a restart of openHAB to be online. With my first setup months ago none of these problems occurred.

Hope for help, willing to provide whatever info is needed to solve this.

Thanks & regards

Philips Hue pairing in new Homematic firmware 2.31.25 jammed it all.
Deleted all Hue items in Homematic, then Hue pairing vanished together with all my problems.