No mqtt file

I’ve installed mosquitto with the openhabian-config, and this was sucessful. I rebooted but there is no mqtt config file in the /service folder.


The file should have been created. Go thru openhabian-config mosquitto install again with a reboot and see if the file is there.

install MQTT Binding

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Again done, no file.

I want to use Mosquitto and not the MQTT Binding?

BTW: Raspi 3b+, root and Openhabian on SSD (running)

Just to verify the file location is /etc/openhab2/services

If you cd to that location and type ls what files do you have?


The config file in the service folder will be created ONLY when the binding is installed
Because that is the binding configuration NOT the mosquitto config.

The mosquitto config itself is somewhere else in the etc/mosquitto folder

That’s the way MQTT works.

client <---> broker <---> client

Clients send messages to the broker.
Clients subscribe for messages from the broker.

Mosquitto is the broker.

MQTT Binding is the client that allows OH to connect to the MQTT broker. You must have both.

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