No notification messages in myopenhab and also not on my device

Hi everybody,

I have a problem to send or to receive notification messages.
I already connected successfully my OpenHAB to myopenhab.
Remote access - ok
mydevice is registered (with type and id) - ok
Events will send - ok
connection with openhab app - ok

But the notification list is empty.
I tried to send a test message with the myopenhab/devices “send a message to this device” function
(just a string message and also with the notification methods send…) .
get an info “your message was sent” but nothing in my notifications.

Also tried to send a message by the “rule engine” with a javascript.
sendBroadcastNotification(“test successfully”)
sendNotification(“myemail”,“test successfully”)
import as NotificationAction
NotificationAction.sendBroadcastNotification(“test successfully”)

Also created a rule with no success :frowning: :
(the test with the light (LampeWZ…) was successfully, so the rule will be triggered.

rule “Window Notification”
Item FensterWohnzimmer_1_State changed from CLOSED to OPEN
sendNotification("", “Wohnzimmerfenster geöffnet!”)
sendBroadcastNotification("Washmaschine ready ")

many thanks in advance!


The rule test was now successfully.
Didn’t changed anything???
The notification will also displayed in my iOS app but,
the app is not pushing the messages.
I “Messaging allowed” is actived. but no message pops up.
Has anyone an idea?