No profiles for item link selectable in paperUI (Homematic)

Hi there, it’s been a while!
Today I received a couple of new homematic devices. Everything works except for an input module (Wireless Transmitter 8-channel - HM-MOD-EM-8). I added it as a thing in the paperUI, however I can’t link an item to it, because the paperUI doesn’t give me an option for a profile to use. The device is detected as a contact, but I have no option to select such a profile. Usually I select “default” and everything works.

On other devies I get this option for profile:

I even tried to create it without profile:

But still no luck. The dot inside the blue circle doesn’t appear after linking the item and events.log doesn’t show the updates for the item.
I don’t want to use any item files, is there a solution to this problem? Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I would add the channel to an item file and verify it does work with OH. After that you can delete the file and continue troubleshooting the PaperUI issue.

Here are some open issues on github, not sure if any fit your problem but also take a look at the closed issues as well.