No service was found after Update


I have a problem with my OH installation. :scream:

Yesterday I noticed that the rules were no longer running correctly. The service could not be reached from the outside either.

So I carried out the last update in the hope that this would solve the problem.

The status now is:

Interface via the browser: no service was found.
Console: accessible, looks ok.

I have no idea what happened and what I can do? the Frontail log is available and it looks like this:

That is all, what the log shows. no other things, no acualisation or status changes of things.

Has anyone already noticed this behavior? Can anyone tell me anything about it?

Thank you very much and best regards

Which version of openHAB did you come from? How did you do the update?

sorry, in my panic I completely forgot.
So here is the info about the system:

Version is 4.1.2


I have carried out a system upgrade to the current available version via the config interface.

Do you need further informations?

tanks a lot.


And the version before?

Sorry i don’t know. I update it regulary.
Is it possible to ser a history in a log?
I thing it was the version before…

thanks for your quick response.
I have stopped the service, cleared the cache and restarted the service.

Now the log is back to normal, the interface is accessible. seems to be a temp. error.

Thank you and best regards

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