No things in paper ui after power cut

Today i had a power cut for 3 hours. As i opened paper ui to control some items no tabs appeared. I did a reboot on pi but no success.

Items and Bindings seems to be ok. Just things are lost.

Anybody know what hapened? Any ideas? Otherwise i would have to restore some image from april.

On a Pi or some other board computer running off of an SD card?

The failure of the computer to shutdown probably corrupted your file system and caused you to lose a bunch of files.

If this is the case you will probably have to restore your backup.

@rlkoshak THX for reply, I will check for backup files in ./jsondb first. Hope i can recover things from there.

JSONDB will only have backups of Things and Items and the like defined in PaperUI. Your bindings and whatever has gone wrong to break PaperUI for you will not be there.

That being said, if you were to start over, grabbing JSONDB and the conf folders should preserve much of your configuration to migrate to a fresh install.



Just things got broken (lost). Thing file in jsondb was empty. Dont know why. Found some 172kb thing files in backup folder under JSONDB, stopped service, restored the last one of those, restarted service. Everything is working again.

I did not know why things where empty after the reboot. Filesystem seems not to be damaged.

THX for your reply.

The missing file would be an indication of the sorts of things that can happen when a Pi loses power. If OH was writing to that file at the time of the power loss the entire file can disappear.

The file was still existing but its content was an empty json object, just two brackets {}

My guess the powercut happened when the backups were being run