No Update of netatmo items

Today I saw that all my netatmo items makes no update anymore since wednesday. In the charts i can see that all the values freeze… but I don’t know why, i don’t change anything of this items…

Further the things of netatmo are all online (indoor, outdoor and rain) and all items freeze at the same time!

May somebody had also this issue and know how i can fix it?

Thank you!

Hi Dennis,

Hi Christoph,

thank you, but my Netatmo app is working well! I reboot my openhab server, and in this moment it is also working again…

Further i get no error … the values wasn’t not shown the current value, but the out of date value from Wednesday.

So this linked problem sounds different!

For severay hours it was working after reboot, but currently the values are not up do date with the Weather station again!

Has nobody any idea?

can you check your openhab.log to see if there are any error messages in there?

It seems that the NetAtmo API is having problems lately.
Latest complaint in their forum is from 3h ago:

Netatmo were maintaining their servers yesterday. Maybe thats the reason for your problems.

Nope, like you have surly read, that this problem is there since wednesday! So I am sure that the maintenance of netatmo cannot the cause of the problem!

Don’t be so sure… there are still people in their forum complaining very recently about the performance of their API…

did you perform any troubleshooting yourself so far?

I mean the maintenance yesterday cannot be the cause, because I habe the posted problem earlier!

I reboot yesterday evening my server after this reboot it worked again, but over the last night, the same problem. This morning no refreshing (updating) any more.

Now I creat a new API App at netatmo, and change the ClientID and Secret in Openhab. but this don’t solve the issue.

At the moment I cannot take a look into Openhab.log but I will post the log as soon as possible!

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by the way, the first report on their forum is from 3 days ago: The maintenance yesterday was a reaction of NetAtmo to the problems.

It will help to see the logs. I can try to help even though I don’t use this binding

This issue I can confirm on Thuesday I had also no data in the app. May this both issues goes hand in hand! Approx. since this time my binging makes no refresh…

Nevertheless, I will post the log today evening

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Same problem here.
Using openhab official docker image 2.4.0.M6-amd64-debian

Since ~ one week, the netatmo binding seems to stop functionning after a few hours.

  • Items receive no more update
  • see lots of "
    2018-11-22 21:49:37.404 [ERROR] [nternal.handler.NetatmoBridgeHandler] - Unable to connect Netatmo API : 502 Bad Gateway" in the logs.

Just restarting the container give the exact same results
Deleting the container and re-creating it solve the problem (for a few hours)

Thanks for pointing to this information Angelo, yet I think tonight’s problem on Netatmo infrastructure is a coincidence and doesn’t account for all the problems discussed in this thread. Here’s a Grafana screenshot showing disconnection of the NEtamo. Each time, I had to recreate the openhab container to have it work again.

It could be a binding problem also… I didn’t exclude this possibility (but no-one is uploading logs… so no-one can really say what is going on).

I just added the info from the NetAtmo forum.
By the way: NetAtmo confirms only 2 incidents [1] [2] but their users have been reporting constantly API issues since early Tue 20/Nov (see here)

similar issues with other integrations since early Nov/18:

and a comment by the developer of the binding:

check also:

Ok, you’re right, there is clearly a running problem on Netatmo’s side since a few days.
Then, it look like for some reason I cannot understand, our binding seems unable to reconnect to the API after is is repaired on netatmo’s side until we restart openhab.

this is an area of improvement that was addressed by the binding author sometime ago (he completely re-wrote the way he handles comms to the NetAtmo API) but it seems that maybe further improvements should be investigated (maybe to perform re-connect attempts after the API has timed-out) :slight_smile:

can you open up a github issue around this?

I have openend an issue on github.

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Yesterday evening, I didn’t had to restart the binding or openhab, the binding was able to reconnect ( openHAB 2.4.0 Build #1424 on a openhabian raspberry pi). Perhaps it is a docker-specific problem?

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