No updates from z-wave devices

I have a few zwave devices that are controlled by openhab via a usb stick. Everything works fine as long as I control the actors only from openhab. Any update made outside of openhab is not reflected in the item state.
If I use for debugging purposes the “OpenZWave Control Panel” and there I get an immediate update of the values.
I have tested with a Fibaro FGS222 and a GreenWave PowerNode 1 port.

Any ideas? Is there something I need to configure within openhab to get the updates from the devices?


what version of openhab do you use ?

I’m using OH 2.0

One addition: I just realized that it’s actually only the switch items that are not getting updated. The GreenWave Powernode also provides power consumption and this item is actually updated.

This is my item definition:

Switch Cam1_Power “Cam1” { channel=“zwave:device:3ab0714f:node2:switch_binary” }
Number Cam1_Watt “Cam1Watt” {channel=“zwave:device:3ab0714f:node2:meter_watts”}
Number Cam1_Kwh “Cam1kwh” {channel=“zwave:device:3ab0714f:node2:meter_kwh”}
Switch Licht_Garderobe “Garderobe” { channel=“zwave:device:3ab0714f:node3:switch_binary1” }

Just to let you know I had the same issue with the qubino 2 relays on that same version.
Since there are a lot of fixes it might be worth upgrading to the latest 2.1 stable version

I have updated to OH 2.1 but still have the problem that zwave switch items are not getting updated if they are changed outside of OH. Other items like for example the power meter in my powernode is updated without any problems.

By looking into the debug output of the zwave binding I realized that the Fibaro modifies a different channel when manually switching the switch.

2017-07-09 10:48:09.707 [DEBUG] [ssage.ApplicationCommandMessageClass] - NODE 3: Incoming command class SWITCH_BINARY
2017-07-09 10:48:09.707 [DEBUG] [dclass.ZWaveBinarySwitchCommandClass] - Received Switch Binary Request for Node ID = 3
2017-07-09 10:48:09.707 [DEBUG] [dclass.ZWaveBinarySwitchCommandClass] - NODE 3: Switch Binary report, value = 255
2017-07-09 10:48:09.707 [DEBUG] [ve.internal.protocol.ZWaveController] - Notifying event listeners: ZWaveCommandClassValueEvent
2017-07-09 10:48:09.707 [DEBUG] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 3: Got an event from Z-Wave network: ZWaveCommandClassValueEvent
2017-07-09 10:48:09.707 [DEBUG] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 3: Got a value event from Z-Wave network, endpoint = 0, command class = SWITCH_BINARY, value = 255
2017-07-09 10:48:09.708 [DEBUG] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 3: Updating channel state zwave:device:3ab0714f:node3:switch_binary to ON [OnOffType]

After using this channel in the item definition everything is working fine :smiley: