No user interfaces installed

H everyone,

i saw the possibility of an update to 2.5.5 from Version before and do it without any backup. After I realized that I couldn’t access to my HABPanel I noticed that I have to choose the “expert-mode” again but clicked on simple. Now I do not have any UI and couldn’t access to my old HABPanel.

I have edited and deleted “addons.cfg” but that doesn’t take effect. Could you please help me get my old configurations working?

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The issue comes more often after the great solution from Wolfgang_S. When i began to work with OpenHAB i’ve installed it on ubuntu via the software AND (i don’t know why) via commandline. There were a lot more problems so i’ve deleted absolutely all and started completely new. A new installation of ubuntu and a proper installation of OpenHAB an all the bindings. Now everything works fine.

If you clicked on simple package you should have at least PaperUI and HABPanel.
From which version did you update ?
Are there any errror messages in the log files ?
What kind of message/page do you get when you try to access openhab via browser ?

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Hi Wolfgang,

i updated from 2.5.4 to 2.5.5. and when i call openhab via browser the following message is shown: “No user interfaces installed”…

Thank you!


Des access to the karaf console work ?
Access is explained here:

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I don’t know how to test. I use it on one PC with ubuntu and work with a App on my Smartphone.

  • login to your Ubuntu PC
  • use ssh to login to the computer which hosts openhab
  • on openhab computer execute command: ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost
    as described in karaf/console description
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OpenHAB runs on the same device.

Now i rename the addons.config in var/lib/openhab2/config/org/ipenhab and the addons.cfg in etc/openhab2/services but it doesn’t matter.

Have you tried this ?

the openhab / karaf console provides a command line interface.
In case your installation still is configurable via the command line interface you might be able to add / install the missing UIs.

Please also have a look at the log files in /var/log/openhab/ to check if there is any error message.

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Ok, i could start the commandline.

The last ERROR in LOG is:

[ERROR] [.service.internal.HttpServiceStarted] - Could not start the servlet context for context path []
org.eclipse.jetty.util.MultiException: Multiple exceptions

There are a few Errors like this:
Caused by: Die Adresse wird bereits verwendet

Ok i try to add a UI with:
feature:install openhab-ui-basic

Wait for it,…

It work’s. But I lost everything. Crazy.

MANY MANY THANKS. I’ve learned a lot.

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