NODE 0: Not initialized - what could be node0?


I get the following warning since some time. What the hell is node0 if the controller is 1 and all following devices are greater or equal to 2?

 [nal.protocol.ZWaveTransactionManager] - NODE 0: Not initialized (ie node unknown), ignoring message.

Appreciate your thoughts.


I’m going to guess it’s a corrupted frame, but to be sure I’d need to see the debug log. Zwave has reasonably poor error detection so this is not so uncommon.

Thanks @chris - see attachment.
untitled text 3.txt (249.5 KB)

Thanks. This log doesn’t have this message, so if it’s happening very rarely, then it’s probably just a corrupt message as I suggested earlier. If it’s happening, lot (which doesn’t seem to be the case) then it could be a corrupt device).