Node not found in Z-Wave network


I’ve got a Z-Stick zwave controller connected to a Raspberry Pi… I had to restart the openhab2 service on the Pi for something and now all of my Z-Wave devices are reporting “Not found in Z-Wave network”

Any ideas on how to rectify this? I’ve tried restarting the service again and rebooting the Pi but neither made any difference.

I’d first check that the zwave binding was active (in Karaf, bundle:list|grep -i zwave). If the zwave binding was not active, there are a lot of possible issues. But if it is, I’d verify the port for the controller was correct. A dmesg|grep tty usually shows enough to figure out the port. If it changed from what was previously configured, you may want to look into using UDEV rules.

Hello guys

I have the same problem. I understand the symlinks idea, but how have you recovered your devices into the working state again? Do I need to hard reset controller and all my missed nodes?

I’ve persisted the Z-Wave stick usb device port and despite of this I’ve got all my devices offline again after several successful restarts. The controller node is online but all other nodes are offline now.