Node-red OpenHAB node maintenance ended

Hey everyone!

This is one year old news, but I only found this out now:

Last time there was an API update on the OpenHAB side, this fellow was super helpful and through a couple of discord calls we were able to get it working again. Now it’s out for good. I don’t know of any other OpenHAB node for node-red that works and is being maintained.

Next API update may put node-red out of the picture for us OpenHAB users.

If anyone is willing to adopt a node-red node, now would be a great time :smiling_face_with_tear:

Just to put a “timeline” of sorts on this, there should be no REST API changes that would break Node Red until OH 5, and even then that’s not guaranteed. There has only been four releases of OH so it’s hard to project when OH 5 would come along. Based on the time between OH 3 and OH 4 I’d estimate at least two years.

My understanding is that Node Red also supports MQTT so that’s an approach that could be viable.

And finally, Blockly has become really good. Anyone looking to migrate off of Node Red might find that OH rules have come a long way in usability by non-developers.

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Insightful and clear as always :slight_smile: thank you!

I interface since years Nodered with OH over MQTT and feel this is the only right way from obsolescence point of view, as MQTT is an industry-standard and purely platform independent.

I think the main reason, why this node wasn’t so popular, is that many people think same way.