Node Red

Anyone using node red timers to control heating ? i cant get the auto to switch off in a flow as i work a 4 week shift pattern i need to have different times on for different days not sure whats wrong as the function work to the output but wont turn off

for output 2 try

if (msg.value == 1)

msq.topic is == smarthome/items/item name /
for output 1 try

if (msg.peyload == 1)

please use debug

the timers come on when they are suppose to on the weeks but when the timer goes off the auto is left on and not turned off just not sure how to turn it back off for now i have a 30 minute delay timer to turn it off

got the 4 week timers working next problem is how to read 4 msg in to node red functions and use for 1 output if any timer is on again any help welcome

Thanks Stuart