NodeMCU with several sensors integrating into OpenHab2 with MQTT?

I was planning to use a NodeMCU v2 (ESP8266) (with usb charger) and add these sensors: … ure-sensor
They have a digital output. I wanted to connect 5 of these sensors to different GPIOs of one NodeMCU.

Then I wanted to integrate the NodeMCU with the sensors into OpenHAB2. I did read that I need to do that with MQTT.

Can anybody confirm if it is possbible to use several sensors on one NodeMCU with ESPEasy and integrate it with MQTT in OpenHab2? I just need digital output of the sensors.

Or is there even a better way?

Getting the mqtt into openhab is no problem, the other half of your questions is better asked at the espeasy project. Have not tried that project as I like to program the devices myself which if you do that then multiple sensors are possible. If you need a working mqtt set of rules to copy find my milight thread in the solutions area of this forum.

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I’ve used NodeMCU with 4 sensors (RF proximity, humidity, temp and voltage) and MQTT for sending sensor data to a Mosquitto broker running on Ubuntu 17.10 server. It’s quite easy to get it all working. I used this link as a starting point and developed from there. Alas, I cannot share the code as I do not have the intellectual property rights (commercial project), but I think you are dead on with respect to the technologies you’ve selected.

Although, I did not connect anything to OpenHab in this project, that should not be any problem.

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My project is a NodeMCU based multi-sensor with MQTT. I developed the code for it ( which allows configuration for different scenarios, including using the built-in DHT22 temp/humidity sensor, displaying information on the built-in OLED screen (for local info), etc…I also have an external input port, which I’ve used for connecting an HC-SR501 motion sensor (though it could be used for any 3-wire sensor or servo connection).

I also designed a PCB and case (as shown on the Thingiverse link), to make it all look a bit more put together.


If you want todo it the easy way, i mean no programming stuff, than use this software

on an NodeMCU or similar. Just flash, setup your MQTT settings and your sensors in the web Console and your gone

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Is there a difference between Sonoff-Tasmota and ESPEasy concerning what I want to do?

If you want to do more complex stuff you also might wan’t to look into I use that for a bunch of simple temp & humidity sensors, works very smooth.


I did choose ESPEasy for using it with MQTT in Openhab2.

Another question I have now, is how to set up a graph for documenting and visualising temperature?

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