Nodon SIN-2-1-01: How to change configuration of actuator?


I’m in the middle of migrating my complete FHEM setup (mostly KNX, bit of ZWave and Enocean) to OpenHab (Openhabian 2.5.3 Build 67 on Raspberry 4).

One of the enocean actuators I use is a Nodon SIN-2-1-01 (one channel in-wall switch). It is configured via config files (not PaperUI) with sending and receiving “EEP D2_01_0F_NODON”. It works as general switch.

The manual of the Nodon states that it is possible to configure the actuator via gateway using EEP D2-01-0F. What I need to configure is:

  • default state after power loss to off (which is ON at the moment)
  • Auto OFF Timer to use the actuator as stair light switch (I don’t want to use rules for auto switching off to be independent of server for basic functionality)

Is this possible via Openhab?

Many thanks in advance,


Use the Expire binding to turn the switch off after a certain time.

It’s a version 1 binding so make sure you have legacy enabled via PaperUI to install it.


thanks for the quick response. Maybe I missed a thing, but as I stated this is what I exactly not want to do.

My home automation setup has to be independent from a central server for basic functionality e.g. stair light switching off after a given period. The Nodon should have the capability to switch off after a given time period by itself (following the information the manual) without any commands from a gateway or server. But this has to be configured into the actuator once via a gateway and my question is, if openhab can be used for this configuration.

Looking at the docs of the binding it seems that setting parameters is not directly supported. You could try your luck with defining a “generic thing” and a custom enocean-message.

You would need to figure out the exact messages manually for your desired settings (or ask NodON support if they have some examples) and then do a one-time-config with a Generic-Thing

Hi Markus,

thanks for the info. I try to get in contact with NodON-Support to get the needed info.


got answer now. It is possible to change config of NodON via Enocean Dolphin Tool. As this is to complicated for me, I decided to send back Nodon an ordered an Eltako actuator as replacement, where I can setup the actuator as needed directly on the actuator itself (hardware buttons) and don’t need any software “workarounds”