NODON soft remote


I recently bought a NODON soft remote.
When I add the soft remote to my Z-Wave network he is not recognized bij openhab 2 (or z-wave binding)

in paper UI en habmin it shows up as Z-Wave Node 10 - Unknown Device

I think i have it online for about 3 days.

I see this item in the z-wave database , i don’t konw if its the same.

On de back on my device I see CRC 6-3-0x

maybe after a few wake up it’s recognised by openhab2

But I can’t find any wake up function is the manual UserGuide

has anybody experience with this device on openhab2?

I bought two of these as well… have you succeeded implementing it in OH?

Yes, got it working (sort off)

It’s a battery device and you have to wake it up a few times before it is fully recognized by openhab


I have a rules like:

rule "Remote (1.0)"
  Item zwave_device_2x1b7x27_nodeXX_scene_number received update 1.0
   Lamp on command

Update 1.0 closed round dot icon
Update 2.0 plus icon
Update 3.0 open round dot icon
Update 4.0 minus

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Thank you - I didn´t wait long enough - it works now!

Hello all you NODON soft remote users…
I am a little bit disgusted about that thing…
There a times, it´s working fine but there are times where a klick doesn´t show any result.
Have I bought a monday-thing? Or did you experience same issues?
One strange thing i found is, that in the Z-Wave-Networkviewer of Habmin, my softremote is shown as completely standalone - connected with nothing else…

Do you have any Idea, how to get it to work like it should (Configuration etc.)
Thanks in advance

…an I would like to add: mine is eating batteries!!!