Nodon wall switch cws-3-1-00, (z-wave)

Is quite new to openhab and home automation, started in January this year. has set up some tempatur sensors, and ir control of heat pump, start and stop peletc furnace, all this works fine, uses paper ul and cloud as remote, as i haven’t quite understood this with site map and app yet.
also has a multi sensor in the basement that turns on the light, the problem now is that I also want to be able to turn on the light with a switch, have bought a nodon wall switch, (z-wave) open hab find this and add it.
But, I do not understand how to configure this so that it is linked to the z-wave relay that controls the light.
any suggestions ?, or links to a simple introduction to how this is done

You can probably do this with the follow profile but you will have to define your Items in .items files.

You can also do this with a Rule.

You will not be able to do this through PaperUI.

Hi, thanks for the answer, is clear that I have a lot to learn, once I have time for it :slight_smile:
I tried to make a rule but do not get any items change from the switch, not in the log, and rule will not run either, do not know which parameters to use.
Maybe I put this switch in stand alone mode for now.

If you post your Items and Rule I or someone on the forum can help. We are not in the business of writing everything for you, but if you’ve given it a try and it doesn’t work we are happy to help.

Hello again.
well, i am at the level that i use rule maker addon, have no experience writing script, working with electrical systems, so wiring is my game , but, can open the item and rule file in the editor and post it tomorrow So you can have a look when you have the time for it. thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

Well, now after a windows update, I don’t get access to files on my raspberry, so I have to put this switch on hold until I get my network back up.