Nodon wallswitch CWS-3-1-0x troubleshooting

Hi I have some trouble with my Nodon wallswitch CWS-3-1-0x, most of the times when wall switch hasn’t been used for a while I need to press any buton twice to get it working. After that I could press any button and get result pretty fast. One side is set up as mono an have a builtins switch as lifeline. The other side of the switch runs with scenens since I couldn’t set another switch as lifeline for that side since I have a switch with two relays builtin. Everutime Openhab processes a command with Nodon that wallswitch Node16 I’ll get this messeage in the log, wath does that really mean.

2018-12-11 05:54:44.348 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:dongle:node16’ has been updated.