Non visualizzo gli items su myopenhab

  • Platform information:
    • Ruspberry
    • Openhab 2.4
      Ho creato degli items ed ho attivato il servizio openhabcloud selezionando gli items che vorrei utilizzare con IFTTT. Nonostante credo di aver programmato tutto, non vedo gli items ne su IFTTT ne su

@Giacomo_Latorre Please post in English so that all can understand and possibly respond.
(and now for clarity in Italian too)
Giacomo, per favore usa il inglese, così tutti possono capirle e possono rispondere.

And to answer your question: MyOpenhab does not post anymore events to IFTT. This functionality has recently been deactivated as it took too much a toll on the servers. You can still trigger events from IFTT to OH, but not from OH to IFTT anymore.

You can still get it to work if you set up our own instance of openhable cloud:

Thank you @lipp_markus, i wanted to set the rollershutter with alexa, i’ve resolved with rules

Does this mean it’s a permanent change? Other posts, all second hand posts, indicated that it was just a temporary turn off until the problem could be addressed.

No, not a permanent change. Dan and Mehmet discuss different solution for optimizing myopenHAB, which should bring back IFTTT.

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