NOOB needs help with auto reboot

Since there looks to be some problems with the Astro binding that makes it crash after about a week I would like to make a rule that reboots my Openhab2 installation once a week.
I am running openhab on a Raspberry pi 3 and everything else is working fine. but I do not know how to build a rule that will reboot the raspberry pi once a week. To me it looks like it should not be to difficult, but still I can’t get it to work.

And then there is this other thing I am wondering about. why does the log file contain these “2017-11-05 18:26:00.117 [INFO ] [Manager$ExpressionThreadPoolExecutor] - Expression ‘0 26 18 5 11 ? 2017’ has no future executions $”

where does these expression come from? they are NOT in my rules file at least.

I would suggest to do this via cron rather than from openHAB.

OK, can you please explain how? Because I and Linux does not play very well together.

Ah, I see.

from Linux console:

sudo crontab -e

sudo will ask for permissions, maybe crontab is asking for the preferred editor (nano will fit best), then the cron file for root is opened. Go to the end of the file, then type in this line:

5 3 * * 1 /bin/systemctl restart openhab2.service

This line is: "At 03:05 a.m. every Monday restart openhab2 service."
If you want to restart the whole system, you also could use


as command.

Ok, so

5 3 * * 1 /sbin/reboot

will reboot the whole system every Monday at 03:05, then I will try this.

Thank you so much Udo.