Nordpoll in to OH3

Here is an alternative method: GitHub - kipe/nordpool: Python library for fetching Nord Pool spot prices.

does this commando still work? I get no value in Putty when I try it.

which one ? Just tried following example and it seems to work
script contains:

wget --quiet -O - '' | jq '.data.Rows[0].Columns[0].Value'

Executed on command line:

sh /tmp/

then returns:

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it seems that it was a mistake in how I had set up static ip on my raspberry that was to blame for the problems. the commands and prices are now up and running again, thanks for the feedback.

Hi all, I managed to set up the HTTP binding to poll the values into OpenHAB, however I have a bit difficulty to convert the number with “,” as decimal separator to float numbers. Any suggestion what to do? Many thanks

Below is my things:

Thing http:url:NordPool "NordPool EL Price" [
	refresh=1000] {
			Type string : Price "Price" [stateTransformation="JSONPATH:$.data.Rows[0].Columns[1].Value" ]

And item:

Number    NordPoolELPricePrice    "Price"           (gNordPool)    {channel="http:url:NordPool:Price"[profile="transform:JS", function="nordPoolPrice.js"]}

As you can see I tried to use transform profile which doesn’t seem to take any effect.

hi, I know it’s a bit of an old thread, but how do you transfer the data to openhab, I’ve tried using the function node that was created as an example here node-red-contrib-nordpool-api-plus (node) - Node-RED
and then from that directly in to a number item, which also results in transferring the entire series of data to the same item. do you do it the same way or do use another approach?


Hi Anders, I was struggling to get openHAB or Influx to show a graph with data in the future, so I ended up with just created a page with web link to
Only number I needed in openHAB is the Spot price including tax and vat. Big Timer change between low and high tax depending on the hour, each hour request to Nordpool, this also set time now to global.set, chart data add the tax and vat, a change switch filter out the spot price now and update the item from openHAB

Nordpool to openHAB.json (14.6 KB)

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thank you, it works well :slight_smile:

Here’s a solution which fetches the prices from Entso-E Transparency platform