[North America] Cyber Monday sale

thesmartesthouse.com, the Z-Wave store owned by Zooz, has a Black Friday / Cyber-Monday sale. They are good supporters of openHAB, helping us get their devices supported in OH.

I know @5iver @rlkoshak and @rpwong may be interested.

Note: I personally do not recommend the ZEN25. I tried some last year & had issues. They were kind enough to replace them with ZEN15 devices.

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I have only one ZEN25 so anecdote!=data, but I have had 0 issues with it.

Last year I plugged in LED Christmas tree lights. Adding an LED star tripped the internal electronics. Support thought the device would not support that even though the overall current was very low, so they replaced the devices as a courtesy since I have dealt with them for OH.

Thanks for the heads up!

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