North American Z-Wave Device Sale

TheSmartestHouse, owned by Zooz has helped greatly in getting their devices supported in OH.

They have a sale on now with switches as low as $19.95 & free shipping on $50+. Sale ends on September 8, 2020,


Apparently vendors are starting to clear out 500 series Z-Wave Plus devices.

Zooz devices are good and half-price!

Another Spring Sale. They are clearing Zooz 500 series devices since they now have 700 Series devices. Both series work on OH because 700 series devices are backward compatible.

700 Series controllers do NOT work with OH currently.

Just for information purposes, I’d like to share that I’ve unwittingly been using a Zooz 700 series controller (ZST10 700) for about half a year now. Actually, it mostly works, but seems buggy, especially with secure included devices. I just found out about the incompatibility a few days ago and will be switching over to an Aeotec Gen5+ shortly. Hoping for better results!

That is interesting. I am sure @chris would be interested in your experiences. Last I tried it did not function with OH:

700 series are definitely the future. I think most 500 Series devices have been superseded by newer 700 Series ones.