NorthQ Q-Gas z-wave database update

I have a NorthQ Q-Gas meter in my hands.
This z-wave device has a firmware version of 3.35 but in the current zwave database the max version supported is 3.34 so it is not recognized by openhab.

I have created an account and submitted the node6.xml file that was created in my the /openhab2-user/zwave/ folder but I am not sure if this is the right direction to go.
Here is the submittion:

If channels, association groups and/or configuration parameters are different from the device which is already in the database a new entry needs to be created.
If the are all the same the max firmware version of the exisiting entry needs to be edited (to show 3.35 instead of 3.34).
Please post your xml file if you are not sure and we will take a look.

Hello, here is the xml:
node6.xml (5.8 KB)

It does not make sense that this device is configured with a max firmware version in the database, while min firmware version is okay.
I’ve removed the max value.

Thanks for the update!

Sorry for the beginner question but do I have to update my openhab server so that I get the new database entries for this thing?
I read the database exports and they don’t look like the .xml that my z-wave node has.
Is there a way to just replace the z-wave node data (node6 in my case) with the updated database entry?

Also I have OH 2.3, I don’t know if that makes any difference or not.

In general: no, you just need to update your zwave binding to the latest snapshot version.
BUT: you are on a very old release (2.3), a lot has changed meanwhile. I would recommend to update to 2.4 release.
In addition to that you need to follow these steps because of a major update to the zwave binding:

If you decide to upgrade and are using MQTT version 1 binding, make sure you are enabling legacy addons before you update :sunglasses:

Come on… very old? 2.4 version came out a month ago.

Anyway so how do I update my binding version?

Come on … forum search function? :grinning:

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