Not able to connect iPhone app to

Please tell me where I can find opportunities to discuss with other OH users how they are addressing general topics. I am interested in topics like, notification to cell phone, voice notification, proximity detection, and even which language to use for writing rules in. Is there a Discord group or other message board? I have been looking at HA and it is very nice to have a less formal - more interactive process and I sure don’t want to miss that OH has such a tool.

Hey Jeff,

I think your post title might have gotten a little muddled up when you were trying to solve your iPhone notification issue. :slight_smile:

Most/all of the topics you listed are discussed throughout the forum, and they’re usually relevant to rules, bindings, or “some aspect of OH”. I think that’s because the starting point is often, “how do I do this in openHAB?”, which means that there’s typically a logical category. Anything that doesn’t get categorized ends up in “Off Topic”. For better or worse, we’re pretty reliant upon the search feature and the tags that can be added to any post.

So, I don’t think you’re missing anything. The topics tend to be very solution-focused, but there are also open-ended questions about how to accomplish something with home automation, or interesting technologies/products. We just don’t stray too far from the focus on working with openHAB.

On that note, here’s a recent discussion about the next-gen rule engine that you might find of interest.

Thank you. Looking forward to review. Nothing like getting started tomorrow (Grinning knowing it is likely to rain)