Not able to display SVG floorplan in HABPanel

Hi All,

I am new to OH and floorplan desing. I am trying to display floorplan in HABPanel. I have downloaed floorplan.css and floorplan.svg from Home Assisstan project (

Steps followed:

  1. I have pasted floorplan.css and floorplan.svg file to /etc/openhab2/html/
  2. In openhab2, I have crated “Template” widget in HABPanel and added below code.
  1. When run the dashboard, I am not seeing floorplan.

FYI, I have not modified anything in floorplan.svg file ,didn’t add/insert any image and didnt provide any bindings to them.

I am just trying to display static floorplan in HABPanel. I will add my required images, sensor values one by one. Once my building floorplan pdf is ready, I will convert that to SVG file and add item to them.

Can you please help me on this? Please correct me , if i am wrong.


Can any one help me on this?. I am unable to progress further. Please help me on this.