Not able to expose items to myopenHAB

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI 3

    • OS: openhabian

    • openHAB version: 2.5 stable

  • Issue of the topic: expose items to myopenHAB cloud to use for IFTTT

Hi, I have a new system installed and i am trying to expose one item to myopenHAB.

What I did:

  1. installed openHAB Cloud.
  2. logged into and updated the accout data (UUID and secret)
  3. checked the connection: logentries are good and the account in myopenhab is online. -> OK
  4. created item and a rule to post the update.
  5. linked the item in PaperUI to expose update
  6. changed the value many times but no item is shown at

I dont´t know what I am doning wrong. I also tried to link the items in the .config file. I deleted cache. I deleted all items and events under But nothing changed.

I added my items and the rule to post update.

Do you have an idea. Thank you. BR

rule.txt (403 Bytes)item.txt (457 Bytes)

That is true. People abused that feature by exposing everything and overloading the server. The solution is to set up your own cloud server using the OH cloud server code.
The Foundation does not have funds to add server resources and they are prohibited from charging for services.

Why would you need to expose your items for?

I wanted to check the funktionality of the ifttt-service in combination with openhab.
Maybe also how to show values and send comand on a lametric time.

My advice: don’t. IFFFT latency times of up to 5 minutes are not suitable for any kind of home automation.

For your clock, if they expose an API you can use the HTTP binding or the actions

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If you’re wanting a different way of implementing rules than OH currently allows, or you just want an easy way of building workflows without going text-based, it may be worth looking into Node-Red.
I switched to it when NGRE through PaperUI simply didn’t do what I needed but it was clear that exposing items for IFTTT wasn’t going to return any time soon. Also, the standard rules engine just isn’t as easy for me to visualize in my head.

If you need it to be able to interface with other systems, there are various contributions that extend it.
But if you need a specific service than IFTTT supports but Node-Red doesn’t currently have an implementation for, or if you already use IFTTT extensively and just want to plug OH into it, then it may not be an ideal option.

That functionality was disabled due to people exposing all their items and crashing the server. The current solution is to host your own cloud on the Internet.
The Foundation is unable to charge for this service and does not have the resources to expand capacity.