Not able to get TP Link RE270K to switch

Hi everybody,

I just migrated to OH2.4 and everything seems to work just fine.

Now I wanted to integrate a TP Link RE270K as a switch item into my configuration. Already, two HS100 are working like a charm. However, I am not getting the RE270K to work.

It was correctly auto-discovered in PaperUI and I added it as a thing (channel: tplinksmarthome:re270:BDEA3F:switch). According to PaperUI it is online. Also, the correct switching state is displayed.

In my default.items I added the following line:

Switch Weihnachtsbaum "Weihnachtsbaum" (gAlles) ["Lighting"] { channel ="tplinksmarthome:re270:BDEA3F:switch"}            

In my default.sitemap I added:

Switch item=Weihnachtsbaum label="Weihnachtsbaum" icon="garden"

Now when I try to switch it, nothing happens. Looking into the log shows the following:

2018-12-22 16:49:00.792 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - Weihnachtsbaum predicted to become OFF
2018-12-22 16:49:00.808 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Weihnachtsbaum changed from ON to OFF
2018-12-22 16:49:21.697 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Weihnachtsbaum changed from OFF to ON

Has anybody been successful integrating an RE270K as a switch?

Thanks for any support.

You can use PaperUI to create things/items or text files not both. You need to turn auto discovery off and delete the thing that PaperUI created if you want to use text files.

Thanks for your reply. I was probably not precise enough in my explanation. I do not autocreate items from things in PaperUI. I only allow auto-discovery for things, and manually approve them (if desired). But I do not create any items from them in PaperUI. All items are created in a config file. “Simple Mode” and “Auto Approve” are disabled.

I do not see a general problem with creating things in PaperUI and items in config files.

I made an assumption and you know what they say about that.:rofl:

Correct, no issue there as long as you don’t have duplicates.

Check github to see if there is an open issue with these switches.

Unfortunately nobody has yet figured out how to send commands to the RE270K and I don’t have such a device so I can’t research it. I guess this should be covered in the docs, but I hoped a solution would be found. There are some other reports and attempts here on the forum.

Thanks for the info, so it is not really yet a supported device. Is there anything I can do to contribute? Switching of the RE270K works via the Kasa App, so maybe there is a way to sniff the communication?

You can sniff the communication with wireshark. There is even a plugin for wireshark that automatically decodes the communication. From what I’ve read about the RE207K it seems sending commands to the device seems to be done in a different way then normal or secured. But that’s only what I’ve read. I don’t know what is actually happening.