Not able to save conf. to new panel in HABPANEL


i just installed ,jadditional to my current openhab setup on my server, openhabian on a RP3 to play arround with.
the problem i’m facing is that i’m not able to save the current configuration to a new panel configuration.
its asking me for the name but actually never saved it. i also cant see any error message.

i’m running on both systems, Server and RP3 the lates Snapshot version of openhab.
on the server setup i can save the config to a new panel but not on the openhabian setup, any ideas why?


i’m a bit surprised that nobody seems to have this problem. is it really only me?

OK figured it out. not sure if its as it should be but i had to save a “server site” config first.
after that i was able to save additional panel configs from Habpanel.