Not adding all channels by default when adding a thing in Paper UI


when adding a thing in the Paper UI, all channels are added by default.
Is there a way to specify something in the binding, so that only some channels are added by default?

I read through Thing & Channel XML reference but did not find something relevant.


What is your real question? Because there are no channels added. You see the channels that are available in the thing. So therefor I’m guessing you are looking for something else than what you asking for.

He might have enabled simple mode…

I did program the caddx binding. (Alarm panel)
The zone thing for example has 40 channels with various information that is exposed from the panel.
The most basic channel is: “zone_faulted”. (if a door is open or not).
Is it possible to specify something in the thing definition, so that when a thing is added in Paper UI by default only the “zone_faulted” channel is linked instead of unselecting the other 39 channels?

You have to link each channels manually unless you use the not recommended and deprecated simple mode.

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This is a specific behavior of PaperUI as Hans-Jörg mentions.

However you can add the element advanced to channels in the xml. This indicates to the ui these are somewhat more specific type of channels. It’s generally recommend if you have a large number of channels to make a number of them advanced so the user will be presented with the most relevant channels.

PaperUI won’t link advanced channels by default. Although I would not recommend changing it based on how PaperUI handles channels.

I totally missed the paragraph about the advanced property in the link on my first post.
I definitely have to mark some channels as advanced.

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