Not all Points showing up in Alexa


last week I decided to start with openhab 3 from scratch…

There was absolutely no problem getting the base system to work

openhabian on raspberry (my old one with a blank SD card)
connection to
hue binding
homematic binding

alle devices were found as expected.

I read all I could find about the new model concept and started to build it up.

I deleted all Devices in Alexa and started the scan to find new devices.

Now here is the problem and my question:

while the hue color points where all found by alexa, the homematic thermostats were not.

Are there any restrictions what is accessible from alexa or are there any things/properties I have to add so that they are found? maybe because of the new semantic classes and properties? Or do I have a completely different Problem? Is there a documentation on this?

Thank you in advance for any help!!


Could you share the item definition for your thermostats?


I am not really sure in which way I should send the definition so I made a screenshot:

With 2 days of OH3 experience I can confirm:

  • bindings seem to work well, hue, homematicIP, tp-link kasa and gardena show up in OH3 and devices can be controlled via overview-page

With the OH3 cloudconnector installed/online and OH-skill in Alexa:

  • Hue lights show up in Alexa. Actually different OH3-points of one device show up as different Alexa-devices when meta-tagging points separatly. Meta-tagging the group-device with e.g. both brightness- & temperaturecontrollee only brightness is controllable via Alexa. Weird.

  • adding metadata (from the dropdown menues) to devices from homematicIP, tp-link Kasa and gardena does not have any effect in Alexa. Devices won’t show up there.

Adding an item in an *.items file in OH2.5 style (confirmed working there) does not have any effect, too. No device show up in Alexa.
Correction: a device shows up in Alexa, but can’t be controlled (“Gerät reagiert nicht.“ / device does not react).

It seems many of the necessary states (is that the correct word?) for Alexa aren’t implemented yet. Is that correct?

I have had a well working OH2.5 installation on RPi3, but the SD-card was corrupted. Yes, I have an backup-image at hand, but it’s more than one year old.
I was not able to set up a new OH 2.4 or 2.5 from scratch, because bindings could not be installed. Weird, too.

A quite frustrating weekend.

There is no Alexa metadata defined on your item. That would be the reason for your thermostat not being discovered on the Alexa side.

Could you share the item definition? Also, make sure to trigger discovery requests on the Alexa side whenever you update the Alexa configuration in OH.

If you already modeled an item via the OH 3 UI, you won’t be able to fallback to 2.5 item file for that given item unless you delete it from the UI.

Again hard to respond without the item definition and what utterance you requested.

Hi Jeremy,

let me show a HUE bulb item:

Item details:


  • only brightness shows up in Alexa (“Dimmer HUEGLichtKueche_Helligkeit via openHAB” in Alexas device info). You can change brightness and on/off state via Alexa-App and by Alexa-voice. Better than nothing!
  • As shown, metadata was given to the group item, not for its separate points. When tagging to separate points of the bulb I get as much devices in Alexa as points are tagged → no good):

Metadata slightly changed, but no effect (Category changed to “Light”):

BTW: no effect if “Binding / HUE” is checked or not.

While running OH 2.5, the following item worked perfectly for brightness & white-temperature (sorry, it´s hard to read in forum):
Group gLichtHerd “LichtHerd” { alexa=“Lighting”}
Dimmer LichtHerdHell “LichtHerdHelligkeit” (gLichtHerd) { channel=“hue:0220:ecb5fa2d9230:19:brightness”, alexa=“PowerController.powerState,BrightnessController.brightness”}
Dimmer LichtHerdTemp “LichtHerdFarbtemperatur” (gLichtHerd) { channel=“hue:0220:ecb5fa2d9230:19:color_temperature”, alexa=“ColorTemperatureController.colorTemperatureInKelvin” [range=“2200:6500”]}

Maybe we can discuss HomematicIP radiators and blinds later?

It’s not 100% clear but it sounds like you are confusing group and single items level Alexa configuration using the UI. You should be able to mimic the same configuration that you had in OH 2.5.

Some changes for the Alexa group level configuration were added after OH 3.0 was release and looks to be only included in the 3.1 snapshot. So the same Alexa classes are listed for a single or group endpoints. Anyway, in the meantime, I would recommend using the code tab instead or items file for your Alexa items instead of creating in the UI. Below is an example of how your LichtHerdTemp item definition you provided above would look like.

Hey thank you for your hint!! :slight_smile:
Now it works and this is (obviously) a simple solution!!
But now as a result I ask myself why the hue color bulbs are found by alexa without added metadata???

Is there an explanation for this?
I suggest it is better to add metadata here as well although it (currently) works without?

Hi Jeremy,

thanks a lot for your suggestions.

I tried in OH3, actually 3.0.2, via “code” for 2 items, brightness and colortemperature. It´s a pity that I ended with 2 different devices for one bulb in Alexa just like the day before yesterday.

I love the full GUI-approach of OH3, but it doesn´t work for me yet.

I´ve fallen back to OH2.5 this afternoon. Worked well via the downgrade option of an installation of OH3. It was possible to save all *.items and *.rules files from my corrupted SD-card.
After getting some gateways and the cloudconnector back online and putting back some items from files, a lamp, a radiator and a blind can be controlled via Alexa again as a test, all showing 1 Alexa-device only.
That´s what I wanted.

Tomorrow I´ll work on rules to get Alexa back telling, when the washingmachine has finished.

I´ll wait for OH3 improvements.

So long


Are you using the official Philips Hue skill or maybe you used the OH Hue emulation in the past?

I always just used the OH hue binding. This is true for all OH versions I was running (OH 2 and now 3). I never used OH Hue emulation and never activated the hue skill in alexa. and my OH 3 installation is set up and configured completely new. No backup was restored (where nothing else would have been configured anyway).
This is how it looks in alexa:
And this is the definition of one of those bulbs (the 3rd in the alexa-list):

Have you tried to delete the devices in Alexa and do these devices reappears after triggering a discovery? If this is the case, it’s mostly due to the item tags which can get mixed up with semantics configuration. So I would recommend setting the Alexa metadata on these items which would take precedence.