Not displaying item values in ui


I’m new to OH and am failing to display values in the classic UI. Here’s my setup:

  • OH 1.8.1

  • Installed Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 and Aeotec Multisensor 6

  • I’ve set up my items and the sensor is reporting values. Here’s an excerpt from the console output.

    2016-03-03 23:47:01.363 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents             ] - Temp_1 state updated to 24.6
    2016-03-03 23:47:01.780 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents             ] - Humid_1 state updated to 33
    2016-03-03 23:47:02.579 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents             ] - Battery1 state updated to 100   
    2016-03-03 23:47:02.661 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents             ] - Lumin_1 state updated to 5
    2016-03-03 23:47:02.780 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents             ] - UV1 state updated to 0

It would appear that the states of the items I have configured are updated as they should be. Now I’ve set up a minimalistic site like so:

sitemap m4 label="Main Menu"                                                    
Frame label="Georgs Zimmer" {                                                   
   Text item=Humid_1 label="Humidity"                                          
   Text item=Temp_1 label="Temperature"                                        
   Text item=Alarm_1 label="Alarm"                                                                                                                                                                         

But no values are ever shown in the browser - the fields are simply empty.

What am I missing, here? Thanks in advance for your support!
Cheers, Georg

What do your item bindings look like?

You don’t need labels in the sitemap unless you are overriding the item binding label. And your sitemap labels don’t have any placeholders for the item value - needs to be something like label="Humidity [%.1f %%]".

Text item=Humid_1 label="Humidity [%d]"

You have to tell it to print the state of the Item in the label using the “[ ]”. The %d tells it how to print it, in this case %d means print it as a number.

Please see the Item Label Formatting section for more information.

Here are my item bindings:

Contact     Motion_1    "Motion [MAP(]"   { zwave="2:command=sensor_binary,respond_to_basic=true" }                                                                                                   Number      Alarm_1     "Alarm: [%s]"                   { zwave="2:command=alarm" }
Number      Temp_1      "Temperature: [%.1f °C]"        { zwave="2:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1,sensor_scale=0" }
Number      Humid_1     "Humidity: [%.0f %%]"           { zwave="2:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=5" } 
Number      Lumin_1    "Luminance: [%.0f Lux]"          { zwave="2:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=3" }
Number      UV1         "Luminance: [UV index %d]"      { zwave="2:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=27" }
Number      Battery1    "Battery: [%d %%]"              { zwave="2:command=battery" }
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Thanks a lot - the label (re-)definition in the sitemap overwrote that in my item bindings. Now it works. Thanks a lot @ben_jones12 and @rlkoshak!