Not receiving status updates from Qubino ZMNHBA Flush 2 relays

I’m a beginner and am setting up OpenHab2 (2.5.4 stable). For testing purposes, I setup a channel between a ZWave dimmer and the Qubino ZMNHBA Flush 2 relays (firmware v1.12). The intention was that the lamp connected to the dimmer would be controlled by a switch of the Qubino, simply switching on and off, nothing more.

When I flip the switches on the paper UI, everything works as expected. However, when I press the physical switch connected to the Qubino, nothing happens (the switch on the paper UI doesn’t budge).

Now I have been looking and found that:

  • there are some lengthy chats from 2017 indicating that this is related to “multi channel association”. However I have no idea how to make my Qubino switch to that, or if that’s not even already the case? Status updates for Qubino Relays/Dimmers generally do not work
  • different issues occurred through different firmware versions of the Qubino devices. Alas, it seems that Qubino (GOAP) does not allow firmware updates. The ZMNHBA has version 1.12

It seems that eventually the problems got solved, so I have high hopes that this is fixed now, and that somebody can tell me what I should do ?

Many thanks !

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Nobody that can tell me how to initiate/use the multi channel association on the Qubino ?

@chris responded in the thread you first linked to that OH2 was planned to support multi-channel associations. Perhaps he can give us some more insight now.

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The ZWave binding supports mult-channel associations. The binding will try to work out which class to use based on the device, the commands and endpoints it supports. It’s a complex issue unfortunately since this is an area of the standard that changed a lot over a short time and there were a number of non-compliant implementations to the various versions of the classes.

In general this should be fine - I know that Qubino have done tests themselves and I’ve also tested this with some of the Qubino devices.

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For some reason, it doesn’t seem to work at my side. What can I do ?

What do the debug logs show? Is there anything received when you click the switch? It might be good to exclude the device and re-include and get the de ug log from that as well.

I finally figured out what the problem was… it was not software but hardware related, more specifically the wiring. My flush 2 relays are rather old and I downloaded more recent manual, where the wiring was different. After contacting Qubino support it was quickly fixed (they sent me the correct manual) !

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