Not sure how to setup OpenHAB when it comes to the config file

Hi everyone

I am brand new to Linux and playing with it. Wanting to install openHAB to try and see if I can automate my home a little bit.

I am going through the installation wiki and I’m stuck at one point. I have no idea how to edit the config file that they mention in the wiki. It reads: "Copy the default configuration

cd /etc/openhab/configurations/
sudo cp openhab_default.cfg openhab.cfg


sudo nano ./openhab.cfg

Set default persistince to mysql
Set Mysql server username, password and url
Set MQTT Transport
Set HTTP Binding cache item for weather
Set Z-Wave port
Set Astro binding latitude and longitude"

Any help is appreciated.



So where are you stuck now? What do you need help with?

Are you on openHAB 1.8 or are you trying openHAB 2? If openHAB 2, see Where is the configuration file?

I figured out that with Putty I couldnt scroll through the whole file. I went to the machine and could see the whole file now.

Thanks for help guys

You can scroll but not with your mouse :slight_smile:

If you’re using nano or some other text editor you typically need to use the keyboard arrows to navigate