Nothing in Classic or Basic UI

In a new install using previous sitemaps from 1.8.3 (and trying other sitemap tests too) I can’t get anything in the UIs.
Nothing in UI’s

I just see “Home” titlebar but no frame or items.
I’m using my own default.sitemap that worked in previous versions and the dummied down one here:

sitemap main label=“Main Menu”
Frame {
Group item=all label=“Almost all”

And here is the basic ui (in Incognito gray just to hide a bunch of user info,bookmarks and icons):

Does anyone have ideas on why nothing is showing up in UI’s?

The address you need to use is:


First and foremost:
1: Thank you

Now that I spent hours…
2: Why don’t I get that when I click on the basic UI here:

That gives me an empty “Home”:

Open PaperUI, then navigate to:

Configuration->Services->UI->BasicUI and edit the default sitemap value to the name of your sitemap file that you want opened by default.

I would also make sure that the filename matches the sitemap name. i.e: if your sitemap starts with:

sitemap main [...]

then the filename should be:


Thank you all. I didn’t realize that the default sitemap that OH2 uses is:
with an underscore.

Again - thanks.

I was not aware that problems like the described even existed. I remember seeing a dialog once when browsing BasicUI, asking which of the two available sitemaps (on my system at that time) I wanted to visit. Did the problem get solved after you set the default sitemap or after you synchronized the filename and the sitemap name as @Benjy suggested?

It seems like the sitemap article in the openHAB 2 documentation needs to be extended on one-two facts.

After they pointed out the problem I chose to rename my sitemap




That way hopefully the default functionality of OH doesn’t change again and I will never burn time on this again.

I could have reconfigured PaperUI>Configuration>Services>UI> Basic UI and Classic UI to both point to the sitemap name of my choosing but figured if/when I migrate to a new install I would forget and burn hours again.

Trying to keep things as “Out of the Box” compatible as possible (but this time the box changed :slight_smile: ).

I don’t have any option of BasicUI or ClassicUI, I only have PaperUI and HABPanel at openhabian:8080/start/index.

Did I miss something during the install?