Nothing in openHAB-conf?

I have added things via PaperUI.

I would like to see the configuration, but there is nothing in the folder. Make the Eclipse SmartHome become useless.

I would suggest you go through the documentation to see the differences between OH1 and OH2 - by default, OH saves things in the JSON files located at the (default) diretory in userdata/jsondb - which is configured via PaperUI to make backups and such.

You can still utilize (as many OH1 users do) the conf folders to define your items and sitemaps and rules etc (you can also define your things with files, but PaperUI does a great job IMHO).

You can find your configuration in the jsondb db folder, see

Ah right. never mind.

All I want to change the parameter range allow, which I assume the z-wave database is wrong.

Just to provide a bit more detail, ESHD can only edit those Things, Items, et al that are defined in text files in the configuration folder. It has no knowledge of Things or Items defined in PaperUI. Similarly, Items and Things defined in text files, while seen by PaperUI, cannot be edited by PaperUI.

I have been learned a bit after this
I found habmin better with z-wave devices. I have tried to change the parameters via Paper UI but it seems didn’t update any parameters after save.

now I decided to go for set the parameters 101 for whole HEM gen5 (value: 15) rather whole clamp 1 (value: 592128) that will over the CD-Jackson database allowance range limit (Allowable Range 0 to 65535).

I think CD-Jackson’s ZW095 device database need to fixed.

Please follow the directions here to fix the DB yourself or file an issue on github.