Nothing is responding anymore


I am running the latest snapshot with homematic, AVM, etc.

My Things are all online, no unusual errors shown in the log, in short everything looks as good as ever.

But: Nothing is working. I can not manipulate any channels. Nothing in homematic is responding and no AVM DECT socket.

Anybody an idea what i could try?

Thanks, Jens

Check the thing state in PaperUI. Online or offline?

Had the same problems after upgrading on Thursday. I found some strange entries in almost all *.config files.
After deleting those (something like *=B”true”) AND deleting both Cache and TMP Files and subfolders, everything is up and running again. Stop service first …

Had the same issue today and finally needed to resort to a new install. (addons.cfg was OK, deleting tmp and cache and restarting several times did not help for me)

all online

from which files are you talking exactly? In the services subfioder?

I already did today. New install with restored /etc/openhab2 and /var/lib/openhab2 :frowning:

I just did it again and what should i say… All is working again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions


but not for very long… It stays unstable… Now it is showing the same issues again.

Did you see this discussion? Sounds like the same issue.


yep… it is. I have now also implemented the workaround and will see how it works out. Thanks for the hint.