Notification actions on phone

I am trying to find a way to send a notification to my Openhab app on my IPhone/Android. Basically what I am trying to do is suppose I have a widget for live camera, and let’s say there was a trigger (doorbell ring), when that trigger occurs, I want my phone to open Openhab app to that specific widget automatically and/or play a sound/ring on my phone.

Is there any add-on that can help me achieve what I mentioned? If not, is there a way to configure this from the rules? I saw that there is a play sound action in the rules but, I am not sure how to connect that to my device.

Our free service myopenHAB is your friend.
Just check the documentation found under

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Sorry , unfortunately I couldn’t figure out from the link , about opening a custom tab from habpanel/page from the notification. I am also having a similar requirement. I would like to send a notification which can open an url.

Thank you, I managed to configure it, but I only managed to send a notification to my phone. I couldn’t find a way to redirect that notification to a custom clickable widget

I only managed to send a notification so far

It seems basic html is respected in notification. You can even use iframe. It works on habot.

Additional functionality for notifications is work in progress. Unfortunately, those additions will not make it into the next release.


I see, but at the moment there isn’t a way to open OpenHAB app on mobile automatically when there is a trigger right? While I am not using my phone.

No, there isn’t.
You can see what is planned in this issue

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The chrome pwa app opens when the notification is received.

Actually this functionality will make it in to 4.2 which is due out in the next few days, stay tuned!


Yes, I updated my OpenHAB to 4.2, but couldn’t manage to apply the action, no action button or action is executed when I click on notification:

Not sure if you read the release blog post, but if you had, there we mention that the clients are not ready for this new feature yet.
Both for iOS and Android App is already worked on implementing the required changes, but as of today, there is only backend support, not frontend support.

However was it super important to get the backend support into 4.2.0, so we can ship the updated apps later and before having 4.3.0.

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I think the openHAB app itself cannot do this due to security rules by the OS — on Android you can use Tasker, Llama or MacroDroid for automation tasks like this.

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There is a link in the blog post to the new iOS client (TestFlight) where all the mentioned features work.