Notification don’t work since update to 2.4

Hi Guys,

since the update to OH 2.4 i don’t receive any notifications on my iOS device.

Normally i should receive the following messages in the last days:

But i‘ve received no messages.
Myopenhab is online and works.

I don‘t change any settings on my iOS device.

Some one have the same issue?
What could be the solution?

Thank you!

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Hello, same problem here.
I think it’s not OH 2.4 but iOS app update…
In myOpenHAB under “notifications” all messages are shown, but no message reaches my Phone

Anyone other with the same problems?


Everybody else with this problem?

My wife doesn‘t update the iOS App and she dont‘t receive any messages.
Her App Version is 2.0.2.
My Version is 2.0.3.

Yup. I’m on the same boat. I used pushover for notification but once i setup myopencloud I realized there was no need for it.
I’m on android with 2.5.0 version showing.