Notification without my.openHAB

Is it mandatory to use my.openHAB in order to get android client notification ?
With my set-up I’m running openHAB on my raspberryPI and I wold like to by notified by the android client when some of my sensor trigger an alarm.
Can I use notification without mooving all my data to the cloud ?


I’ve used Pushover before. there is an OH module for it. Then you can configure a rull to push a notification to Pushover.

It is not through the mobile app directly, but I am using the XMPP addon, and have various events send me chat messages which “beep” my phone. This works well, and the chat client timestamps the messages as well so I can go back in history right on the phone.

Ok thanx for your suggestions…

I successfully used the Notify My Android action and then moved to PushBullet through mqttWarn so I could also support iOS. Here is a good writeup on how to use mqttWarn for something this.


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If you only use remote access and push notifications through my.openHAB your data is not moving to the cloud, to be exact. Only items specified in myopenhab persistence config will be sent to my.openHAB. So what did you meant by “mooving all my data to the cloud”?

Ok thanx, I thought that I had to configure the persistence to the cloud in order to get notification