NotifyMyAndroid: Overwrite or delete messages


I use NotifyMyAndroid Action to get messages on my android phone.
For example is a window open more than 15, 30, 60,… Minutes in winter.

So if the window is open for an hour I got 3 messages per window.
Is it possible to overwrite a message, so that I only have one message per window?
And if the window is closed, delete the message(s) for that window?

Currently I used following code to send a message to my android device:

msg="Fenster {} {} bereits {}min offen".format(lutRolJalMitFenster[rollladen][lutRolJalMitFensterZuordnung], lutRolJalMitFenster[rollladen][lutRolJalMitFensterKurzname], offsetMin)

I don’t know of a way to overwrite a message but you can add a proxy item to the rule and sitemap to turn off the notification after you get the first one.

Thanks, but that’s not a solution for me. Because so I don’t now if the window is closed already or not.

I will have a look to the Telegram Action. Maybe that’s the one I looking for