Novelan Heatpump Binding - unable to get state of output signals added in (#5883 on Github)

Hi, I have been successfully using Novelan Heatpump Binding for almost 2 years.

I have seen an update on GitHub 8 months ago with additional Heatpump output states, but i can’t get any readings of this output states.

Any ideas what is missing, I have OpenHab 2.4 and Heatpump firmware 1.81.
Can anyone get it to work or maybe reproduce the issue?

Is the problem that I have old binding version, but I reinstalled it with no resolution to the issue.
Otherwise binding works fine - updating other items that I listed below problematic ones.

These items don’t get any value - they stay NULL

Switch HeatPump_BUP_SanVoda "Ventil San.Voda output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_bup" }

    Switch HeatPump_HUP_Radiatrji "Črpalka Radiatorji output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_hup" }

    Switch HeatPump_VBO_VentTC "Ventilator TČ output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_vbo" }

    Switch HeatPump_VD1_Kompresor "Kompresor TČ output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_vd1" }

    Switch HeatPump_ZIP_pump "ZIP pump output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_zip" }

    Switch HeatPump_ZUP_ObtCrp "TČ Obtocna Crpalka output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_zup" }

    Switch HeatPump_ZW1_Grelec "Grelec TČ output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_zw1" }

    Switch HeatPump_ZW2_sst "ZWE2 SST output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_zw2sst" }

    Switch HeatPump_VDH "Heating output[%s]"  <switch> (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="output_vdh" }

    Number HeatPump_OFF_reason "Vzrok Izklopa [%s]" (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="switchoff_reason_0" }

    Number HeatPump_lastError_code "Koda Zadnje Napake[%s]" (HeatpumpController_Outputs) { novelanheatpump="switchoff_code_0" }

Normally working items:

Group Heatpump (Ogrevanje)
Group HeatpumpController_Outputs (Ogrevanje)
Number HeatPump_Temperature_1   "W�rmepumpe Au�entemperatur [%.1f *C]"   <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_outside" }
Number HeatPump_Temperature_2   "R�cklauf [%.1f *C]"  <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_return" }
Number HeatPump_Temperature_3   "R�cklauf Soll [%.1f *C]" <temperature> (Heatpump) [ "CurrentTemperature" ] { novelanheatpump="temperature_reference_return" }
Number HeatPump_Temperature_4   "Vorlauf [%.1f *C]"    <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_supplay" }
Number HeatPump_Temperature_5   "Brauchwasser Soll [%.1f *C]"  <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_servicewater_reference" }
Number HeatPump_Temperature_6   "Brauchwasser Ist [%.1f *C]"   <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_servicewater" }
Number HeatPump_Temperature_7   "Solarkollektor [%.1f *C]" <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_solar_collector" }
Number HeatPump_Temperature_8   "Solarspeicher [%.1f *C]"  <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_solar_storage" }
String HeatPump_State   "Status [%s]"   <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="state" }

Number HeatPump_Retrun_External     "R�cklauf Extern [%.1f *C]"   <temperature> (Heatpump)  [ "CurrentTemperature" ] { novelanheatpump="temperature_out_external" } // return external
Number HeatPump_Hot_Gas     "Temperatur Heissgas [%.1f *C]"    <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_hot_gas" } // return hot gas
Number HeatPump_Outside_Avg     "mittlere Aussentemperatur [%.1f *C]"  <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_outside_avg" } 
Number HeatPump_Probe_in    "Sondentemperatur Eingang [%.1f *C]"   <temperature> (Heatpump)  [ "CurrentTemperature" ] { novelanheatpump="temperature_probe_in" } 
Number HeatPump_Probe_out   "Sondentemperatur Ausgang [%.1f *C]"   <temperature> (Heatpump)  [ "CurrentTemperature" ] { novelanheatpump="temperature_probe_out" } 
Number HeatPump_Mk1     "Vorlauftemperatur MK1 IST [%.1f *C]"  <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_mk1" } 
Number HeatPump_Mk1_Reference   "Vorlauftemperatur MK1 SOLL [%.1f *C]" <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_mk1_reference" } 
Number HeatPump_Mk2     "Vorlauftemperatur MK2 IST [%.1f �C]"  <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_mk2" } 
Number HeatPump_Mk2_Reference   "Vorlauftemperatur MK2 SOLL [%.1f *C]" <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_mk2_reference" } 
Number HeatPump_External_Source     "Temperatur externe Energiequelle [%.1f *C]"   <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="temperature_external_source" } 
String HeatPump_Hours_Compressor1   "Betriebsstunden Verdichter1 [%s]"  <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_compressor1" } 
Number HeatPump_Starts_Compressor1  "Verdichter 1 [%.0f]"   <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="starts_compressor1" } 
String HeatPump_Hours_Compressor2   "Betriebsstunden Verdichter2 [%s]"  <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_compressor2" } 
Number HeatPump_Starts_Compressor2  "Verdichter 2 [%.1f]"   <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="starts_compressor2" } 
String HeatPump_Hours_Zwe1  "Betriebsstunden ZWE1 [%s]" <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_zwe1" }
String HeatPump_Hours_Zwe2  "Betriebsstunden ZWE2 [%s]" <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_zwe2" }
String HeatPump_Hours_Zwe3  "Betriebsstunden ZWE3 [%s]" <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_zwe3" }
String HeatPump_Hours_Heatpump  "Betriebsstunden [%s]"  <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_heatpump" } 
String HeatPump_Hours_Heating   "Betriebsstunden Heizung [%s]"  <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_heating" }
String HeatPump_Hours_Warmwater "Betriebsstunden Brauchwasser [%s]" <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_warmwater" }
String HeatPump_Hours_Cooling   "Betriebsstunden Kuehlung [%s]" <clock> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="hours_cooling" }
Number HeatPump_Thermalenergy_Heating   "Waermemenge Heizung [%.1f KWh]"    <energy> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="thermalenergy_heating" }
Number HeatPump_Thermalenergy_Warmwater     "Waermemenge Brauchwasser [%.1f KWh]"   <energy> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="thermalenergy_warmwater" }
Number HeatPump_Thermalenergy_Pool  "Waermemenge Schwimmbad [%.1f KWh]" <energy> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="thermalenergy_pool" }
Number HeatPump_Thermalenergy_Total     "Waermemenge gesamt seit Reset [%.1f KWh]"  <energy> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="thermalenergy_total" }
Number HeatPump_Massflow    "Massentrom [%.1f L/h]" <energy> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="massflow" }
String HeatPump_State_Ext   "Status [%s]"   <temperature> (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="extended_state" }

Number HeatPump_heating_operation_mode   "Heizung Betriebsart [%.0f]"  (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="heating_operation_mode" }
Number HeatPump_heating_temperature   "Heizung Temperatur [%.1f]"  (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="heating_temperature" }
Number HeatPump_warmwater_operation_mode   "Warmwasser Betriebsart [%.0f]"  (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="warmwater_operation_mode" }
Number HeatPump_warmwater_temperature   "Warmwasser Temperatur [%.1f]"  (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="warmwater_temperature" }
Number HeatPump_Cool_BA "Betriebsart" (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="cooling_operation_mode" }
Number HeatPump_Cooling_Release "Freigabe [%.1f *C]" (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="cooling_release_temperature" }
Number HeatPump_Cooling_Inlet "Vorlauf Soll [%.1f *C]" (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="cooling_inlet_temperature" }
Number HeatPump_Cooling_Start "AT �berschreitung[%.1f hrs]" (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="cooling_start_hours" }
Number HeatPump_Cooling_Stop "AT Unterschreitung[%.1f hrs]" (Heatpump) { novelanheatpump="cooling_stop_hours" }

Thanks in advance