Novoferm garagedoor opener with fibaro relay


I have 2 novoferm garage doors with novoport motors and controllers. Remote control 1 press door open. 2e press door stop. 3 press door close again. Or 1 press door open. 2 press door close.

In the controller I placed a fibaro relay and the door will open and close but I like it with a puls. E.g. 1 puls of 5 sec. or so. But 5 sec after fibaro really switched. Than after timer second puls to stop the door. This to make a kind of parcel delivery door. Door opens 75cm or so.

Is there someone to help me with programming this kind of functionality?

Thanks in advance


To generate a five seconds pulse to your relay use something like this:
(Item Garage is a virtual switch on your graphical user interface, QR1 is the switch connected to the relay):

rule "Garagedoor"
Item Garage received command
Thread::sleep(5000)   // 5000 ms = 5 sec

Dear Sihui,

Thanks for prompt reply.

I tried to do with habmin with the graphic blocks.

as i understand correct i make in the folder configurations/rules the rule
file. there i use the rule as you send in you’re email.

In the item file i have following:

Switch Garagedeur_rechts “garagedeur rechts” (garage) {
zwave=“3:1:command=switch_binary” }

In sitemap i have:

Switch item=Garagedeur_rechts

What do i fill in the rules now:

QR1. will be “garagedeur_rechts.sendCommand (on)” and
"garagedeur_rechts.sendCommand (off)"

Item Garage received command will be “Item Garagedeur_rechts received

Or how will i call the rule in the sitemap?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Wilfried Baars

In this case try using a virtual switch, for example:

in your items file:

Switch Garage_5_Seconds

In your sitemap file:

Switch item=Garage_5_Seconds

in your rules file:

rule "Garagedoor"
Item Switch Garage_5_Seconds received command
Thread::sleep(5000)   // 5000 ms = 5 sec

Then hit the button for Switch Garage_5_Seconds and your fibaro should be energized for five seconds.

Dear Sihui,

I did in demo.rules where should i call the rule? As discribed above
nothing happens so i think the rule should be called somewhere?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Wilfried Baars

You may put that code into the demo.rules or create a new file, called for example garagedoor.rules.
If the code doesn’t work take a look into your openhab.log to see what happened (which switch is on, which switch is off, …).
Also note that I edited the code, don’t use the one from your email, use the edited one from this forum!

The edit was in the sitemap:
Switch item=Garage_5_Seconds, not Switch item=Switch Garage_5_Seconds

The opehab.log file i cant find on the PI. I have some log files but older.
Lastest logfile is .metadata.log

Hereby i send you my item, rules, sitemap and metadata file.

Im lettle new in openhab and therefore not too familiar with it :frowning: sorry

But good to get help.


Met vriendelijke groet,

Wilfried Baars

I suggest starting with the wiki:

Important pages are: items, sitemap, rules (for links take a look under “Configuration”)

Your openhab log is either under
/opt/openhab/logs or if you did an apt-get install under

Have fun.

I will go further with the wiki. is a lot of information. The basics is ok.
next step is what i try now and were you did help me.

the log files i don’t have .Here are all my logfiles.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Wilfried Baars

Have never seen those folders …
How and on what system did you install openHAB? Are you using openHAB 1 or openHAB2?


It seems you are doing what I plan to do which is build a Fibaro relay to a novoferm garage door. Did you have a Novoport controller (it seems that way) and if so can you share how you connected the fibaro module. A photo or a connection schema would really help me.

Thanks in advance