Npm package to start / stop / control openHAB?

Hey there,

is there an npm package that lets you start / stop openHAB and maybe execute the commands that you would use the .sh scripts for? PS: I know I can run .sh scripts with node, I am asking for an npm wrapper. If there is none, I will create one, I want to ask if there is something like this already though.

Thank you,

Why would one want to do this? Could you explain your use case.

Because I am working on a server that also provides some openHab functionality via a GraphQL API and in that project I wish to be able to start / stop the openHab server via NodeJs and possibly via a web front end

I‘m afraid, there is no such a wrapper and this is the first time I heard of such a use case.
So you have to develop it yourself.

Alright, thank you!