NSPanel Manager - Custom firmware and management software with API connection to Openhab and Home Assistant

Hello NSPanel lovers! I’m an Openhab and NSPanel lover and I would like to share an open source project which will be available to use with the NSPanel in not so long hopefully.

This has been my dream project since i got my first NSPanel. We’ve come quite far and decided to create a kickstarter and see what the interest of a solution like this is. The goal is to make it easier to setup and manage your NSPanels, no code, no hmi stuff. We’ve created a standardized solution that will work in most homes. It’s both custom firmware, gui and management software. You set everything up with the help of API connections to both Home Assistant and Openhab. I’ve made a video about it. If your interested just check it out and you will see exactly how it works…


Great! I was hesitant buying the NSPanel, but your project gave me the push, now waiting for the documentation and github to come out! Thank you for this Erik!

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