Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Battery Lifetime - your experience


I intend to buy a Nuki 2.0 Smart lock with Bridge and the OH2 Binding.

In some threads about the Nuki I read about pretty short battery life time (e.g. 2 weeks).

I would like to create here a lookup table with your experience
Coudl you please share your values?

  1. Life time (e.g. weeks / months)
  2. Open / Close Cycles per day

Thanks a lot in advance!

I got around 8-10 weeks with my Nuki 2.0 setup o far running with eneloop rechargeable batteries. 4-6 cycles a day.


Thanks a lot.
I hope we will get some more entries here for reliable statistics😊


I’m considering to buy one as well. Any new experiences on battery lifetime? 8-10 weeks seems a bit short. Is there a way to connect it to a power source?

Also - does Nuki (lock and bridge) require constant internet access, or can I block it via Firewall, if I set up OpenHAB to control it?

That’s an important and interesting question.
Does anybody know if it would be possible through OH only?

This thread is quite old, but I just stumbled upon it, so I am gonna answer your questions. I recently bought the full setup (+Opener) and I am quite happy with it. Regarding your questions:

  1. Life time (e.g. weeks / months)

We got ours in December and so far it looks good.

  1. Open / Close Cycles per dnay


Also - does Nuki (lock and bridge) require constant internet access, or can I block it via Firewall, if I set up OpenHAB to control it?

Yes and no. There is Web Api which connects through However you can also directly control the lock via bluetooth or work with the bridge via the local Api. In fact, this is what the Nuki binding does.

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Thank you very much.
Even if the thread is old - it’s still under observation :slight_smile:

Could you please specify how much battery is left on the nuki after running for 2 months (since december)?
Again, thanks for your response.

Hard to tell - there is no percentage for battery status. It just reports, when the battery is getting low (which has not happened so far). Not sure how reliable the manufacturer info is, but based on the official help, the battery should be above 20%:

Nuki wird dir bei einem Batteriestand von ca. 20% per Nuki App und direkt am Smart Lock mitteilen, dass die Batterien bald leer sind.


Alright - thanks for the quick response.
My personal target would be to achieve 6 Months with a battery.
So I will ask you again in 4 months then (sorry) :wink:

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Hello! I’m also interested in the Nuki, but my worries are about the battery.
I found this interesting thread on Nuki:

Quick update on this:

  • some days ago my nuki wasn’t working properly anymore - the app showed “motor blocked” and the nuki was not able to open the door without a little manual help
  • however, the battery status was “OK” within the app
  • I could not figure out the obvious problem: the discounter-batteries I used were no good.
  • Now I switched to the recommended premium rechargeable batteries and… wow! The Nuki is faster and more responsive

I am posting this because of three things:

  1. the original batteries seemed to work from December to somewhen in in March/ June (not entirely sure)
  2. the replacement batteries “worked” since last week - however, they really worked just since July
  3. I put in new and fully charged rechargable batteries today… so let’s see how long they’ll last


What batteries do you use now? Where can I find the recommended batteries?

Eneloop Pro by Panasonic. I bought a pack of 8 for interruption-free operation :upside_down_face:

However, I made some observations in the meanwhile:

  1. Frequent (smart home) requests have an impact on the battery life
  2. Alkaline batteries are more enduring (~20% longer operation)
  3. There’s an official power pack, which can be charged via USB-C. If I’d need to buy again, I’d choose this: