Nuki who unlocked the door?

Hi Folks,

i got a Nuki Combo 2.0 and i read the API from nuki and found out that it should be possible to see also the “user” who unlocked the door the last time, if it was opened by a FOB/Smartphone.

Does anyone of you know if this is already be possible with the Nuki Binding in Openhab? Its also possible in IFTTT: Receive a notification when a specific person arrives at home - IFTTT

In my perfect world would like to know if my Parents in law get into the house so Google home can welcome them :slight_smile:

kind regards

I don’t know the Nuki Binding. However if not you can do it yourself. Do a manual check in a rule and parse the output. I use this to call the steam API before doing a network speedtest:

var String steamStatus = executeCommandLine("/etc/openhab2/scripts/Asterix/", 120*1000)
if (steamStatus != "null") {
    logInfo("Rule triggered", Dateiname + ": \"Speedtest\": Es wird gezockt also wird kein Speedtest gestartet")
logInfo("Rule triggered", Dateiname + ": \"Speedtest\": Es wird nicht gezockt also wird ein Speedtest gestartet")

You might be able to adopt this and set an Item state with the Information or call other actions depending on it

As a workaround you could use IFTTT to trigger an Openhab item…(linking Nuki and Openhab)